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5 Steps to Alkalize your body with Evidence Based Therapies

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

“No disease, including cancer, can exist in an alkaline environment.”

-Dr. Otto Warburg, (Was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931)

Most of us are busy measuring our Cholesterol levels, Blood Sugar Levels or Thyroid levels in our body and almost never consider checking our pH - the acid/alkaline balance of our blood.

Did you know that a proper pH level is a crucial aspect to overall health? Even a delicate imbalance in our pH levels could lead to disastrous health challenges...including Heart Diseases and Cancer!

Diseases thrive in hypoxic, very low oxygen, and acidic conditions and viruses, bacteria and other infectious parasites derive their energy from fermenting sugar. Consuming a diet high in sugar and processed food feeds the bad bacteria, virus and parasites in the body.

One of the key pathways our body uses to eliminate excess acid and maintains the delicate pH value of your body at 7.365, is through the kidneys. Our body does a fantastic job in keeping the pH levels in check but the challenge begins when we overload body with acid by consuming highly acidic food and building toxic thought processes. The kidneys and lungs are unable to keep the pH in balance and excess acid ends up being stored in the tissues of various organs. The pH value then begins to fall below 7.4 and gradually leads to a condition called ‘acidosis’.

‘Metabolic acidosis’ is the most common metabolic syndrome and quite often un-diagnosed. This is because the body expresses symptoms of metabolic acidosis in the form of various other secondary diseases, and most victims spend years battling in vain with these secondary diseases. Kidney stones, low bone–mineral density, Vit. D3 deficiency, diabetic ketoacedosis are signs of a pH imbalance.

Signs that your body is acidic:

1. Fatigue/Becoming tired easily/ Drowsiness/Sleepiness

2. Shortness of Breath

3. Frequent headaches/ Nausea

4. Lack of appetite

5. Increased heart rate

6. Fruity breath smell

7. Confusion

8. Unexplained weight gain/Obesity

9. Muscle weakness/Joint pain

Lab tests to help you identify your body's acid-base balance: pH level of your urine, blood tests - kidney function test, pH balance, serum calcium, ketone, blood sugar and electrolyte levels.

5 Simple steps to reverse this condition:

1. Physical Detox: The first step towards restoring the acid-base balance in the body is to flush out the toxins from the liver and colon. A thorough Gut Cleanse and Liver Flush give immense relief to the body’s systems from an acidic overdose. Ozone Therapies significantly help alkalizing the body, increase the oxygenation in the cells and neutralize acid in the tissues. An imbalance in O2-CO2 levels increases the hydrogen ions in the blood leading to pH imbalance and acidosis. Ozone therapies re-balances this relationship and restores the pH levels. A minimum 3 sessions of Gut Cleanse, Liver Flush and Ozone Procedure (each) once a year will keep your body well within the 7.4 mark of the perfect pH score.

2. Mental & Emotional Detox: Every thought you are thinking is constantly causing biochemical reactions in the body. Toxic thoughts of stress, anger, irritation, hatred, regret, guilt, unhappiness and a general sense of feeling inadequate, unaccomplished and unfulfilled in life, result in acidic reactions in the body. Changing our perception towards life and learning to humor the ‘flip side’ of the mental or emotional challenge is a brilliant approach to re-alkalizing our body. Research shows that Serotonin – the happy hormone tilts the pH balance towards alkalization. Despite the challenges in life, make sure you keep the happy hormone-juices overflowing in the body...

3. Diet:

o Consume: more alkalizing food. The best indicator is the presence of chlorophyll – the greener the food, the better. Green leafy vegetables and sea vegetables are rich in chlorophyll.

o Avoid: Processed food, rancid oil. In India we have the habit of reusing oil used to fry appalam/papad/vada...Do avoid reusing oil at all cost! Dairy products are acidic too. Substitute with home made, freshly prepared coconut milk or almond milk. The most acidifying food group is artificial sweeteners. White processed sugar is by far the worst.

4. Supplementation: Include Magnesium, Vit. C, Chlorella and Spirulina as supplements.

5. IV Infusions: Vitamin C, Sodium Bicarbonate and Ozone.

At NineO2 Detox and Wellness Zone, Kottur Gardens, Chennai, we help you rid your body and mind off toxins, provide you with the diet and supplementation required to maintain that perfect pH score!

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