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Cleansing like Cleopatra

At my Detox Center NineO2 I have seen patient after patient suffering from IBS, Constipation, Bloating, Headaches, Weight Gain…and even Depression and Anxiety. Although most of them figured out that their problem was gut related, several rounds of Laxatives, Probiotics, Enemas and Fiber based diet gave them only temporary relief.

Let’s first begin to understand why are so many people backed up, bloated, gassy and unable to evacuate their bowels as nature intended it to be.

Most patients who experience painful constipation are recommended a high fibre diet. While Fiber does help soften your poop and increasing fibre will help relieve your gut and give the illusion of a solution, this will only be a temporary relief. This is because most people who suffer from constipation are loaded with unhealthy bacteria (the bad kind). The fibre you consume begins to feed the bad bacteria and causes gas and bloating.

The next step, most patients are prescribed laxatives. Laxatives are synthetic chemical components that trigger and stimulate your gut to poop, sometimes in a violent way. Of course, it offers relief - temporarily. The violent expulsion of poop sometimes damages parts of your colon. In fact there are research papers proving a significant negative impact of long term usage of laxatives, on your inside of the gut. Quite like a bald tire of your car, once your colon loses its shape, integrity and elasticity it will no longer be able to effectively move out waste.

Enemas on the other hand are far gentler, from the perspective of initiating a peristaltic movement (a wave like muscle contraction along your gut to move stuff down). Since they work against gravity, as you sit on the pot, with an artificially induced urge to poop, the gut purges out the stuck poop quite like how you flutter clothes before hanging it on the clothes line to dry. It isn’t thorough. It purges out only most of the loosely held stools. The faeces cemented to the gut wall are hard to clear with just enemas. Enemas cant and don’t usually reach the farthest ends of the colon.

The third resort is usually Probiotics. I usually hear most of my clients say, “I took probiotics, for a while it helped…I felt better, but I still do not get the feeling that I have completely evacuated my bowel.” Probiotics will do you all the good you expect it to, provided they are able to reach the right place in your body - your gut. Your gut is filled with Microbiomes and their primary job is to break down undigested food and send out poop. Most gut issues begin due to deficiency in Microbiomes. In fact when I tested the stool samples of patients with specific health issues, they were deficient in specific strain of ‘good bacteria’ and those with depression and anxiety were also infested with specific strain of the ‘bad bacteria’. For probiotics to work efficiently they would require to pass through the extremely hostile stomach acids and a 22ft long small intestines and eventually end up in the gut. Even then, once in the gut, the probiotic can be of little help, if your gut is completely clogged with dry dehydrated poop stuck to the gut lining and filled with ‘bad bacteria’. The Probiotics will have a herculean task battling with the bad bacteria to establish any kind of bowel movement.

A thorough gut detox isn’t just about unclogging a constipated gut. A Complete Gut Cleanse for lasting results needs to have a more direct approach to reach the colon. Evacuating the bowel needs to be done gently and elegantly.

In all my research, about therapies across the world, one of the most elegant and amazing therapy, that ticks all the required boxes, to achieve a thorough colon cleanse, has been a centuries old technique called Colon Hydro Therapy. The Egyptians were the first to practice this technique, way back in 1500BC. This has been documented in the Egyptian medical document Ebers Papyrus. Most notably, it was first used by Cleopatra and credited for her porcelain skin.

This centuries old therapy, combined with modern Technology and Engineering is called Colon Hydro Therapy.

Colon Hydro Therapy is the most efficient pathway to access and cleanse the Gut. During the procedure, the patient is lying down in bed and pure water, at a particular temperature, is passed through the rectum. The water is then drained, while the patient is still lying down in bed…in line with gravity. This ensures that the water reaches all parts of the colon, soaks up the dry and dehydrated poop, and gently and elegantly flushes it out. Through the transparent drain pipe, you can see the dry dehydrated poop and even worms getting flushed out from your gut. Those who have been pumped with steroids have extremely dark discoloured tar like poop.

Will a single session of this procedure sort your problems? No! we are talking about years of piled up faecal matter…it takes time and requires patience…A minimum of 3-5 sessions is required, for most, to clean up at least 60 – 70% of the gut. In Australia, where I used to practice earlier, I have had patients going through 10-15 colonics to get rid of worms snuggled up at the ascending end of the colon.

Most people ask me is this safe? It is 100% safe…my oldest patient has been 102…still thanking me for an effortless bowel movement every morning. In centuries of practice of this procedure, there has never been a single reported death or disfunction.

There has been a lot of chatter about how the pressure of water could literally tear apart the colon. It only makes me smirk at the lack of understanding basic biophysics. Medical Practitioners and Professionals with even the basic understanding of Human Anatomy will never raise concerns of ‘pressure’ or ‘tearing of the gut lining’. Nevertheless, here’s some assurance for the ignorant – 1. Gut lining isn’t a tube, like a water pipe…it is made up of a line of cells sticking to each other quite like a magnet. 2. Gut lining can withstand extreme intense pressure. Ever measured the pressured exerted on the gut by someone who is constipated? 3. Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment used at our facility has a built-in pressure gauge…in over a decade of my practice…this has literally never ever crossed even the basic green band – indicating safe operating limits. 4. The water passed into the colon in-line with gravity is gentle and much less in quantity compared to the capacity of the colon.

A good medical practitioner would of course raise concerns about the loss of good bacteria, in the process. This is a valid concern. Quite similar to what happens while consuming antibiotics. At NineO2 we ensure that the patient begins their dose of Probiotics as soon as they start their first colonics. In fact, this is a vital step to achieve a thorough gut cleanse. The probiotics are specifically designed to address specific concerns and symptoms the patient is battling.

Does it hurt? Nope. No poking, no pricking, no bleeding. Just a mild discomfort of wanting to use the restroom. And for most people who have constipation, that's probably a welcome feeling.

What else is special about our protocol at NineO2? Alternate cycles to water we use Ozone - a supercharged version of Oxygen to destroy the bad bacteria and restore gut lining.

Why and how ozone can enhance your gut detox is a whole volume, which I would love to share in my next article.

The author of this article Dr.Ashmita Boopathy Moturi, is a Doctor of Naturopathy, a PhD. in Psychology and has completed her Masters in Medical Engineering. She is the founder of NineO2 Detox and Wellness Zone and the Director of Wishing Well Centre for Integrative Medicine.

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