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Fertility to Motherhood... And everything in between…

Women today are bombarded with terrifying societal myths and berated to be too old, too fat, too stressed or to hormonally out of sync to be able to conceive. With medicine and science losing its patience, in this world of ‘instant results’, women are handed out drastic and radical measures simply because they are being confirmed to a prototype: above 35, pcod and is unable to conceive naturally thus far…we have science telling the woman that she is incapable of doing this alone!

As a researcher I firmly believe that, while science has advanced to be breathtakingly supportive in helping couples procreate, quite often nature crosses over the boundaries of the limiting parameters of science.

It shocks me to watch women crumble under societal pressure to accept protocols that completely curbs any future hope of fertility.

Woman – Janani…the powerful privileged creators of the lifeform…Why did we start losing our innate trust in our feminine capacity to procreate? The mere fact that a lifeform can grow and flourish in a mother’s womb, just from two cells, is in itself miraculous. The ability of a human body is beyond both scientific and human comprehension. Speak to any Gynaecologist or a Paediatrician or for that matter absolutely any health professional…an honest response would always be…we still don’t fully understand embryogenesis and how it actually happens.

Nature has imbibed in the feminine form to have the innate wisdom to nourish and grow a lifeform…it is almost impossible that this innate wisdom is wiped out with no hope. We need to remember that there is something greater at play that needs to be respected.

I urge all women, who are seeking to understand and explore their fertility, to consider the following:

Top on my list: Age is not a deciding factor of your fertility. Millions of women around the globe have defied the cut off point for fertility. The concept of ‘the clock is ticking’ or ‘it’s all downhill from 35’is…well…a load of cattle excreta. Each woman is unique in her functionality and needs to be reviewed individually and respectfully. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL! Age cannot be a parameter.

At 36, I had a natural conception, a breeze of a pregnancy and delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl naturally. Every time I went to the scan center, I was repeatedly asked if it was an IVF baby simply because I was 36. Like I said, age isn’t a factor!

Don’t beat yourself up if you require assistance…with advancement in science…building a family isn’t limited to traditional conception protocols. Don’t doubt your femineity if you need to seek help.

An assessment cannot be absolute. Do not accept a diagnosis of unexplained infertility. Nothing can be unexplainable…it just means we aren’t looking in the right place. Remember…nature has intended you to be able to procreate…and that wisdom is still embedded in every cell.

All aspects of your health and wellness will and do affect your fertility. There is nothing separate. Your body is a synchronistic masterpiece. Fertility is not an isolated function or event.

How fertile you are mostly depends on your body’s chemistry to deliver nutrients to vital organs, and the state of your hormones

Thankfully both can be improved.

Find a healthcare professional who is willing to review you in entirety…which includes your vital organs, your endocrine system (all your hormones basically…not just the ones required to get pregnant), your acid-base - electrolyte balance, your moods and personality, your diet and lifestyle choices and then work with you on tuning up all that requires a bit of tinkering.

Remember conception is only the first baby step towards becoming a parent. Most couples get so caught up in wanting to become pregnant that the bigger picture becomes blurry. Being parents to a physically and emotionally healthy human is what you need to work towards.

I have repeatedly reviewed a mother and child’s medical history and every single time, I have found an exact same pattern of ailments and health challenges. They look like photocopies of each other. Right from low immunity, hormonal imbalances, skin issues, bronchial infections and especially digestive disorders. Just like you would blame your mother for all the health battles you are fighting today, it could be your child’s turn tomorrow…Where else does ‘genetics’ stem from…what we pass on from one generation to the next…

When a mother harbors unhealthy gut microbes, you can be sure the baby is going to have to fight big battles with digestive disorders. Children with ADHD, lack of appetite or are irritable have an undeniable connection to an unhealthy gut. Fixing a child’s gut health is far more challenging, speak to the parents dealing with it….and they will tell you how uphill a task it is.

Prevention is better than cure…and when you have the awareness, why not dip into the wisdom and benefit from the outcome.

The greatest gift you can give your child, is the gift your good health…and this begins with how healthy you are as a parent to host this baby in your womb.

Detox both your body and mind before conception…this goes for both the mother and father.

A few liver detoxes will not only help clean up your blood and reverse a lot of skin issues it will also prevent morning and evening sickness. You can actually enjoy your pregnancy without having to rush to throw up every time somebody say ‘food’.

Colon or Gut health is important to nourish your body. Most of the trace minerals, that folic acid supplements and other multivitamins your Gynaecologist has recommended you to take, gets absorbed into your body through your intestines. If your gut is blocked and overloaded with toxins and faecal matter, you are just going to be malnourished…and this is exactly what your baby is going to receive as well.

Colon cleansing opens up essential pathways for life force energy to flow. This is important in getting pregnant and having a healthy full-term pregnancy. Eliminating accumulated waste matter is important as an impacted colon can press against the uterus, causing atrophy & preventing pregnancy. The release of the accumulation will also enable the endocrine system to secrete hormones into the blood stream in a healthy balanced way.

‍A simple colon and liver cleanse in itself has helped several clients effortlessly become pregnant and deliver healthy babies. Success rates of couples seeking IVF therapy gets enhanced post a through detox.

Make sure all your vitamins, minerals and hormones are optimal. Detox your blood. While oral vitamins have benefits, how much of that, your body is capable of absorption, will remain a mystery. More efficient modes of toping up yourself with the required Vitamins would be through IVs (drips), and D3 and B12 shots prior to conception.

I have said this a million times, and I never seem to get tired repeating it…your body and mind are connected, every single thought you are thinking is creating a biochemical reaction in your body. Every single thought of anger, hatred, irritation, guilt, disappointment, anxiety or fear will create a more acidic environment in your body. This will either affect your ability to conceive or will affect your baby either physically or emotionally. Make sure you and your partner are in an absolute happy space in your relationship to bring in another life into this world.

Let a detox session be part of your couple goals before conception. Your baby will surely thank you someday. At the very least you will thank yourself when you know your baby, sleeps through the night, eats effortlessly and is happy almost all the time.

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