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NineO2 Detox for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition that millions of people across the globe battle with...and more often than goes un-diagnosed... as a result most victims are constantly trying to fix the symptoms by either suppressing it with drug therapies....only to see one symptom disappear and manifest itself more aggressively in another form. 

Many battle with digestive disorders such as frequent bowl movement...especially after consuming a meal, or sever acidity/heartburn/belching/burping/flatulence...There are many who battle with low immune systems with frequent bouts of cold and flu. Some who suffer from sever skin challenges...then there are those who battle with more challenging diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and Thyroid malfunction. The root cause for these agonizingly debilitating symptoms and diseases is more often...Leaky Gut! 

NineO2 Detox Solutions for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky Gut occurs when bad bacteria breeding in the gut, make tiny pin prick holes in the gut lining. Fecal matter, virus, bacteria and partially digested food leak into the blood stream through these tiny holes. This causes inflammation and infection in various organs, eventually damaging the organ and leading to a disease state.   

As perturbing as all this may sound, there are simple therapies to fix and heal a Leaky Gut. A leaky gut presents itself with 4 major issues:

1. Fully impacted colon (filled with fecal matter).

2. Very little or probable negligible amount of good gut microbes (good bacteria).

3. Way too much bad bacteria.

4. Damaged gut lining with tiny holes. 

The simplest way to reverse a Leaky Gut without any side effect would be to undergo a thorough detox protocol. At NineO2 we offer a 12-day Gut Cleanse therapy to reverse a Leaky Gut.

The 12-day gut cleanse therapy includes:

1. Colon Wash (to relieve the colon off the impacted fecal matter),

2. Cellular rejuvenation therapy (to heal the tiny pin prick holes in the colon)

3. Colonic re-irrigation (with plant based extracts, to re-irrigate the colon with good bacteria).

We primarily use water, oxygen and ozone which are natural and intrinsic to the body and do not have any side effects. All our procedures are medically proven and are based on age old traditional medicine...and administered with cutting edge modern technology. 

Our clients gain immediate relief from digestive woes. As for those with Type 2 Diabetes, their body's ability to manage blood sugar levels improves almost instantly. Clients also notice that over a period of 3 months the frequency of coming down with a cold or a flu becomes very insignificant. Even those with thyroid imbalances and several auto immune disorders like Hashimotos Syndrome, gain relief from their disease state. 

Leaky Gut also significantly affects a person's moods, thought processes and their outlook towards life...An unhealthy gut makes a person more irritable, more lethargic and unfocused. With a Gut Cleanse process, many begin to experience a renewed sense of drive and focus.

Ashmita Boopathy Moturi

M.D (A.M), M.S (Med. Eng), MSc. (Psychology)

Dip. (Nutritional Medicine)   

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