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Toxicity becomes The Road to Disease

Would you go through decades of not cleaning your house and blame ‘Vaasthu’ of your house for your frequent allergies?! Would you drive your car for years without sending it to the garage for maintenance and blame the bad roads for all the creaking noises and eventual breakdown?!

Yet most of us go through our entire lives without once cleaning out the 190,000 Km of piping inside our bodies! And…every time we catch a cold, get itchy with skin issues, hear painful creaking of joints, are rushed to the ER with scary spikes in our ECG or hear the C word…we just don’t connect the dots….TOXICITY!

It has become commonsense to connect junk food consumption to Fatty liver, IBS, Constipation, Acidity and a list of other digestive challenges.

However, it still is ‘un-commonsense’ that, lifestyle diseases such as hyper/hypothyroidism, Diabetes, PCOD, high Triglycerides levels, Infertility or even autoimmune disorders are in fact secondary symptoms of an endocrine disruption due to Heavy Metal Toxicity. The once rare, but now rampant, neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and even Dementia are triggered by the accumulation of cadmium, mercury, lead and aluminum, in the body.

Worst of all…these Toxins impair your ability to detoxify!

Although many toxins enter your body sneakily and unleash havoc, there are some that you voluntarily invite: these we label, ‘Avoidable Toxins’.

Step 1: Avoid Avoidable Toxins:

Studies have proven that, just by avoiding avoidable toxins, you can significantly reduce your toxic over load and enhance your body’s natural detox ability. Here’s a list of lifestyle changes you could add to your New Year’s resolution too!

We know Pizzas are unhealthy …but did you know pizza boxes are worse?!! Food packaging containers and tetra packs used to package juice and milk are coated with BPA and heavy metals: lead, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and mercury. Just two servings a week is enough toxicity to block the insulin receptors sites in your cell, so sugar can’t get in to produce energy, increasing your risk of becoming Diabetic.

Conventionally grown agricultural produce is laden with high levels of cadmium from chemical fertilizers. This metal is so toxic that the kidneys clear it as quickly as possible from the blood. Unfortunately, it remains in the kidneys where is causes the most damage. High concentrations, cadmium is even more toxic than lead or mercury and can cause osteoporosis and even lead to heart disease and cancer. Opt for organically grown local produce. At the very least, grow Greens (palak or any type of keerai) in a pot and consume it at least thrice a week. Use an earthen pot instead of a plastic pot or plastic coated grow-bag.

High levels of mercury are found in shark, swordfish and tuna. Mercury causes long term damage to brain cells. Mercury toxicity also reduces your body’s ability to detox. Consuming fish with high levels of mercury twice a week could cause long term damage. The healthiest and safest options are wild-caught sardines and salmon, which are high in omega-3 fatty acids and low in mercury.

Dental implants with amalgams also leak mercury and has been linked to neurological disorders and tumors. Consult an ecological dentist to have these fillings replaced with safer options.

Perfumes, deodorants, cosmetics, sunscreens, hair dyes and other personal care products are rich in endocrine disruptors causing a rampant increase in incidences of PCODs, early puberty, hyper/hypothyroidism among many other chronic ailments.

More than 60% of most popular lipstick brands contain lead.

Men who lather themselves with aftershave, cologne, deodorants, or body washes are unintentionally but actively inhibiting testosterone production.

Cut down your daily use of health and beauty aids to a minimum of two products. Look for those free from phthalates, parabens, lead, aluminium, triclosan and oxybenzone. Products labeled ‘natural’ is not exactly toxin free. Use coconut oil instead of moisturizers or makeup removers. Opt for unscented soaps. Consult the local ayurvedic hub for organic natural options for shampoos, antiperspirants, hair dyes, lipsticks, kajal and even eyeliners.

As for those heavy metal toxins that you have already ingested…there are many simple ways to detoxify:

4 Week Detox Plan:

Week 1: Heavy metal detoxification from your brain, neurological pathways and liver:

- Include a glass of coconut water mixed with 2 teaspoons of spirulina before breakfast.

- Include this 15 mins protocol every morning: 3 mins walking, 3 mins jogging, 3 mins sprint, 3 mins jogging and 3 mins walking.

Week 2: Heavy metal detoxification from your thyroid glands, spleen, pancreas and reproductive system:

- Include 1 glass of water mixed with 2 teaspoons of barley grass juice extract post breakfast.

- Continue with week 1 plan

Week 3: Heavy metal detoxification from hard to reach places!

- Include 1 glass of freshly prepared cilantro based vegetable juice before lunch. Include at least one green leafy vegetable. Beetroot can be a wonderful addition if you are not diabetic.

- Continue with week 1 & week 2 plan

Week 4: Heavy metal detoxification from the digestive tract and gut:

- Include 2 tablespoons of flakes of Atlantic dulse to your dinner.

- Include a ginger tea in the evening. (no milk, no sugar)

*Most of these products are easily available in health food stores and even online stores.

Do’s & Don’ts during Detox:

- Cut down or if possible do not consume any meat, fish, eggs or poultry during detoxification.

- Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated during detox

- Include Zinc as a supplement.

Include a 15 mins Infrared Sauna and an Ozone Bath twice a week as a part of your detox protocol, administered under the guidance and supervision of a skilled ‘detox’ specialist. Infrared detox therapy eliminates toxic heavy metals from the body through the skin thus reducing the toxic over-load on the liver, colon and kidneys. Ozone binds with heavy metals and neutralizes them, so they can no longer negatively affect your body…and once you activate your body’s natural detoxification system…the neutralized toxic waste gets cleared through your liver and gut.

During the 4 week period detoxification period toxic trash is drawn out of your cells and tissues and is piled up in the gut and liver…ready to be eliminated. It is now extremely crucial to eliminate all this trash properly and frequently else those toxins will just settle back in…So begin your 4 week heavy metal detoxification process and stay tuned to explore the liver and gut detoxification process.

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