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What is you 'Gut Feeling'?

Do you think your brain is doing ALL the thinking? Think again...

Although your brain is a wee bit responsible for your sense of ‘feeling happy’...90% of the reason you are cheerful and a pleasure to hang out with, is your 'Gut'! In fact your sense of feeling happy, sad, excited or even depressed has everything to do with your Gut!

The Gut is your Second Brain
What is your #GutFeeling?

If you have suddenly becomes sensitive to certain foods that you have enjoyed without incident for years or you feel tired with a persistent ‘brain fog’ or lack of focus or even if you have you been fighting a losing battle with diabetes, arthritis, PCOD, hypothyroidism, depression or skin issues...Its highly likely that it’s just your Gut feeling...unhealthy!

Over 90% of the diseases we experience in today’s world, is due to an unhealthy Gut! Even those who have 2-3 bowl movements in a day could be suffering from a sluggish colon.

Toxic Thoughts and Toxic Food create an acidic environment destroying the good bacteria in your gut. To protect your intestines from all the acid build up, your body produces mucus. So while you are busy biting into a slice of pizza, donut, samosa or puff, your food is busy killing your gut microbes while your body is busy forming layers of mucus in your Gut. Along with toxins and undigested acidic food the mucus forms a thick rubbery tire of faecal matter which sticks to your Gut. This is the tummy which you are gullibly lugging to the gym in futile attempts to lose.

Fortunately there are a few more elegant, easier, safer and simpler solutions to lose your tummy and heal you gut.

Prevent further damage:

Detox your kitchen: Do not reuse oil, especially after frying papads or vadas. Dairy is acidic! Caffeine addicts - Coffee with home-made almond milk or coconut milk is quite delicious. The most acidifying food group is artificial sweeteners. Of course white flour and white sugar in any form are by far the worst.

#DetoxYourGut: since a traditional Gut Cleanse with a gulp of castor oil or ladoos laden with purging elements have become mere memories of the previous generation, we now use evidence based medically approved technology to replicate the same process - #ColonHydroTherapy.

Maintan Gut Health:

Supplement with Probiotics, Magnesium, Vitamin C and Chlorella. Add Spirulina to your breakfast shake.

Mental & Emotional Detox: Every thought you are thinking is creating a biochemical reaction in your body. Learn to humor the ‘flip side’ of the emotional challenge and design

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