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Your Wellness Journal Give wellness a new perspective this New Year

Happy New Year…wishing you a year filled with abundance of good health. The value of good health and the importance of building immense resilience physically, mentally & emotionally (of course financially too), was perhaps one of the hardest lessons learnt.

As human beings our greatest achievement has not been about rebuilding the world as much as it has been about rebuilding ourselves and sustaining the foundation. The last two years has been nothing but a more dramatic portrayal of this reality.

I am sure by now you have created an entire routine to ensure maintaining good health and included possibly everything from morning herbal teas to periodic fasting to oral supplementation to exercise routines, in favor of building back your immunity.

If you are looking to preserve your health, happiness, sanity and longevity here are a few pearls of wisdom you could include in your health and wellness plan:

1. Learn to view the body’s systems as a single highly interconnected complex system working in unison rather than independently. Which means If your joints are hurting then it is probably your gut that needs a closer scrutiny. Don’t focus on curing or fixing aches, pains and disease as a localized issue.

2. More than 95% of cause for absolutely any chronic systemic disease (aches and pains included) is thought process. You can use the rest 5% to blame pollution, parents, bosses and spouses. Most of my clients like to blame it on parents or grandparents…the Genetic Theory. While Genetics play a key role in inherited disease, whether or not the disease manifest in your body is absolutely in your control – the theory of epigenetics. Simply put - you can control the way your body reads your DNA sequence.

3. While including a Genetic Testing may be a lavish option to figure out what you are up against it is important to also keep a track of how far along the road of wellness or illness do you currently stand. Inflammation markers and electrolyte balance in your body are some vital indicators. Ask your doctor to include these as a part of your full body annual health check up.

4. Being healthy and being fit are two different things. So just because you have a daily fitness routine of a gym or a jog doesn’t mean you are fortified to handle the next onslaught of infections.

5. While your blood work can reveal some aspect of your current HQ (Health Quotient) it is important to evaluate your state of wellness from a perspective of a personal metrics. Take this along with you when you meet your doctor. This will help your doctor evaluate and help you achieve your health goals armed with a lot more information. Your personal metrics should include

a. Overall Feeling: How do you feel today, in comparison to yesterday. What are your low moments. Do you notice a pattern? For eg. You find it hard to get out of bed in the morning despite an 8hr of rest Or by 2pm you literally drag yourself and cant wait for 6pm to get out of work Or you wake up with a headache if you have had gluten based dinner.

b. Energy Levels: How do you rate your energy levels has to shot up after taking up an exercise routine? Has it slumped after you celebrated your 40th?

c. Routine: How regular is your routine of sleeping, eating and exercising? IF you are unable to stick to it, is it because you don’t feel up to it?

d. Breathing: this is a very important one. Especially after the pandemic. Do you feel a rattling sound every time you are conscious about your breathing? Do you snore? How often do you feel woken up from deep sleep because of your own snoring? Do you cough when you are stressed?

e. Exercise Tolerance: Are you able to push your limits with each session of your exercise routine? How much and at what phase have you noticed physical changes. Have you noticed our moods post workouts…is it pleasant or irritable?

f. Posture: Are you walking, sitting and sleeping as comfortably as you always did? Are you slouching, hunching or has your gait changed because you want to avoid feeling pain. Are you sleeping on one position to avoid numbness, pain or breathlessness?

g. Sensibility: are you able to experience and perceive sounds, taste, smell and touch the same way you used to? How is your eyesight? Do you seem to bump into things, stub your toe or drop things more often?

h. Skin: Scan yourself naked in front of the mirror and keep a track of the moles, warts, scars, clots. See if there are drastic changes in a short span of time. Notice the elasticity and suppleness and your skin’s ability to maintain moisture and when the dryness occurs. Notice if there is a pattern based on climate, food, mood and water intake.

i. Hair & Nails: Notice if the texture and strength of your hair has changed. Any significant loss of hair or patches of baldness…Notice if the color of your nails have changed. This isn’t just aesthetic…it could be your body’s first warning signs of electrolyte and hormonal imbalance or even the onset of chronic systemic disease like Diabetes.

j. Appetite: do you feel hungrier than normal during a particular time of the day or particular phase of the month? Do you feel aversion towards food and loos appetite just looking at food?

Apart from the above, I am sure you keep track of your digestive issues, headaches, allergies, physical and physiological changes pre, during and post medications, and other aches and pains which you bring to the doctor’s office.

Find a doctor who is patient and is willing to work with your as a partner reviewing your score card which includes your personal metrics.

6. Relaxation: Relaxation is a thing…like work. music, watching TV, socializing with friends, having a hobby, getting a massage and taking a break are an absolute necessity. Make sure your health journal includes every single one of those.

7. Detox and Nutritional Supplementation are as vital to your wellness planner as your exercise and diet. The best of diet isn’t going to be absorbed by the body if your gut and liver are flooded with toxins. A periodic Gut cleanse and liver detox are vital parts of a Detox plan. Humans, somewhere down the evolution line, lost the ability to synthesize Vit C. (Even rats can still do it.) Hence the need to include nutritional supplementation and probiotics along with your rich salad bowl and smoothie breakfast.

8. With all the chaos around if you constantly feel like a juggler in the circus, include periodic sessions with a life coach or a psychologist for maintaining emotionally and mental sanity…It is just as normal to visit a psychologist as it is to visit a gynecologist or a cardiologist.

Hope you give your Health and Wellness a new definition this new year. Wish you abundance of good health, mental clarity and the fitness of a fiddle this year.

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