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Nine O2 Detox and Wellness Zone, first of its kind in India, focusing on both physical and mental detox.

'Nine O2' signifies the 'Nava Dwara' or 9 openings of the human body through which purest forms of water and oxygen are introduced to detox, heal and revitalize your: colon, liver, skin, blood and lungs. 

Most people struggle to focus on wellness due to their busy schedules. 

Just spend 1hr everyday, for 6 days, at our Nine O2 Detox facility for a full body Detox 

We are located in the heart of city with the convenience of commute, ample parking and economically viable Detox programs.

Dr. Ashmita Boopathy Moturi

N.D (Naturopathy)

M.S (Medical Engineering)
PhD. (Psychology)

Key Specialty & Domain Expertise: Naturopathy, Holistic Detoxification, Nutritional Medicine, and Non-Invasive Therapeutic and Diagnostic Instrumentation.

Work Experience: Dr. Ashmita Boopathy Moturi has worked in various verticals of the healthcare arena in Australia, U.A.E, U.K, Germany and India.


Dr. Ashmita's in depth research into, 'how thought processes affects gut health' coupled with her medical and engineering background, has led her to design DETOX Protocols, that combine technology with naturopathy, to deliver lasting effective results in the easiest and quickest possible time span for both the body and mind.   

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Manjula Boopathy

Naturopath & Anti Aging Specialist

Reflexologist & Aromatherapist
Mental & Emotional Detox Therapist


As a practitioner over the last  20 years, Manjula Boopathy specializes in Women's Health (PMS, PCOD, Menopause, PMS and Infertility).


She has had wonderful results in handling children battling with Autism & Dyslexia.

Her anti-aging therapies to achieve flawless skin and body contouring techniques are a few of her sought after programs.

Manjula’s workshop called ‘Love Can Heal’ has helped many women handle stress, anxiety and depression with elegance.

Dr. Manjula Boopathy
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